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Diploma in Music


Our diploma course is designed to introduce you not just to a range of music, but to a wide variety of ways of thinking about and understanding music. Its focus is on giving you a solid grounding in the techniques and history of the Indian & Bollywood Musical tradition, as well as an understanding of the many role music,  plays in today’s world. We recognize that not everybody comes to the course having had teaching in all areas. So, a candidate must enroll themselves in Basic studies that allow those from all backgrounds to gain the core skills needed for advanced diploma-level music studies.      

As you progress, you will experience the freedom to take specialized courses in different kinds of music, and approaches to study it. You may also choose to follow a particular pathway through the diploma, be that in performance, composition, music history, ethnomusicology, popular music, or music and science.

The Diploma curriculum covers Vocal, Instrument as well as Music Production which delves further into the practical, technological, historical and theoretical aspects of both Western and Hindustani music, encouraging students to specialize in their chosen field whilst still exploring the full spectrum of musical subject areas.

The program develops each student’s potential as a budding professional, by expanding on knowledge and skills gained overall.


  • Growth as an overall musician
  • Personality Development
  • Development as a confident Musician
  • Ability to Compose Music
  • Ability to Produce Music
  • Ability to Create OCs
  • Ability to Re-Design Music
  • Making one as a self-dependent artist
  • Ability to Edit, Mix & Master owns Compositions.
  • Workshops conducted by industry professionals almost every weekend
  • 2-Day Mumbai Exposure (Sessions with Top-Industry Professionals)
  • Workshops by Industry Professionals
  • Multi-Dimensional learning experience.
  • Internship & Placement Support (On-Merit)
  • Individual practical assignments to test the knowledge of students and also help them build confidence in their skills.
  • 3 Audio & Video Recordings.

Career Options:

  • Music Composer
  • Music Director
  • Music Assistant
  • Intern under Industry Professionals
  • Music Arranger
  • Freelance Artist

Course Fee : INR 2,50,000/-

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